We will help and guide you.

To You Dreamer,

This company was only a DREAM of mine a few moments ago. Now it is a reality. Now it is in my hands in how it is controlled.There are so many different variables that go into play when starting a business, we all know this already though or maybe not. Thats where we come into play. Everyone of you that are taking time to read this is either, in a 9-5 job that just pays the bills, or maybe your an entrepreneur that needs resources.Maybe your just sitting at home and clicked a link that lead you here. To me you are all the same. We all Dream, or had a dream ,or maybe your living your dream, it doesn't matter because we all need each other one way or another. What us DREAMERZ is now is only someones dream put to action. we ourselves have a huge mountain to climb still.

So you are wondering what it is we do exactly. Well Integreity to me is Huge. Its just something that I struggled with on my journey that I am still on. I say that first because I am going to be honest It is just me right now as you read this. There is no time but the Now. Correct? So let me fill you in I started this company. to be like a central hub, the go to for whatever it is that your heart desires to do. My plan was to take my money all of it that I had saved up and put it into this business. Now this was weeks ago. I was victim and still am a victim of Identity THEFT and they took every last penny besides $4.96. Now im going through the process of disputing all the charges and unfreezing accounts and maybe getting the truck that they bought under my name. I have nothing no resources at the moment. The one thing I do have and I know only believers will adhere to what Im about to say. I have Hope and Faith. That our Creator has my back and we all have the power to Manifest if we truly believe. I don't have a single doubt that this will take off the way it is supposed to. Even with out a penny to my name.. So back to my Vision. Us DreamerZ is going to be a place where you call to get to where you want to be. But not just like Shark tank where it is about the money which I know its not just the money but its that feeling of being able to help someone and see them succeed and have faith in themselves again as they pass it on and on. And like I said Integrity is huge so I can't lie and say the money isn't great also. But I see it as a seed like I said and just getting the word out to everyone and anyone. If you can't help out with donating to our goal for getting her up and running. Than maybe you want to be part of it and be a resource. Be one of those companies that can train the Individual and get them started to what there calling is. I know It seems impossible but nothing is in this World and I know a lot of you know this already, and I know a lot also lost hope. DreamerZ wants to lift up the hope of the Human Kind again. Technology is great and its amazing seeing how we evolve so quickly. But Please if you can admit its also very easy to loose site of what life is really about. LOVE! the feeling that nothing can compare to even all the money in the world. Sure wed all live easier lives but you would still be you and it will only buy you a false sense of it until it runs out. If we Can work together and get this going. anything any ideas any advice anything donations information anything. Like I said It is just me that had this dream,I put it into action and now Im stuck but im not afraid to let you all know this is what it is. I will let you read my testimony after this and maybe it will touch someones heart enough to see that people deserve second third heck even 845740395734 amount of tries. Its not how many times you get knocked down. ITS WHAT>>>> HOW YOU GET BACK UP!!!

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